Nov. 29th, 2016

I Watched

Nov. 29th, 2016 09:07 am
How could I not? The first month is free I assume in an attempt to lure those who HAVE to watch Gilmore Girls to continue to subscribe. And I went through one list and found quite a number of things I might go ahead and watch.

Spoilers Under Here )

I've been binge watching a couple of series that I can't seem to catch when they're on regularly. Good Behavior with Michelle Dockery is really good. And Search Party, which I was wavering on, but also turned REALLY good at the last episode. The writers took a bold step in how real life gets real to inept Millennials. Alia Shawkat nails her part and the supporting cast is what you'd expect from the self-absorbed trio.

ETA: I ran out of time this morning to finally get my hair cut short - I love it and think it will help keep it on my head.

What I wanted to say this morning is that Search Party is a group of four Millennials, a couple and roommates, one gay, the other a blonde actress who is, okay, she's vacuous. Alia Shawkat, who I first saw as Ellen Page's character's best friend in the movie Whip It, and liked her a lot. She's got one of those unforgettable faces, full of character and in this role as Dorie she 'acts' much the same. In other words, she's the brightest one in a group of self-absorbed, too immature for their age, struggling, someone's idea of what a Millennial is.

The story line is that she's out to find a missing friend who everyone has presumed is dead but she's SEEN her alive, that she went to school with, but hasn't talked to or seen for six years, but you know it doesn't matter because of social media, right? Anyway, she gets deeper into her hunt and with help from her friends she eventually does hunt down the missing girl. And that's all I'm going to say except that the last episode doesn't forget that sometimes it's the brightest who very soberingly pays for her and others' mistakes.

I will watch the next 'season'. Seasons are weird now since they showed us 10 episodes bunched in two's and all aired over a short couple of weeks. Progress (and on demand TV).



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