Recycling is an addiction. As I stand here this morning removing the little plastic tissue control thingy on the box of Kleenex so I can flatten the cardboard to put in the recycle bin, I understand just how far along I am in my addiction to it. Having recycled for nearly 20 years, I'm committed to it and can now never go back.

I literally bite my tongue when I watch my sisters throw something recyclable into their garbage. They say there's no place in their area to recycle, it costs money to recycle, or they don't have time.

And it takes time. Everything must be rinsed, caps and plastic labeling removed and thrown in the regular trash, cans, cardboard, and milk jugs flattented, newspaper, egg containers, cereal boxes, glass put in a separate bin altogether. That's the easy stuff and not even everything that Can be recycled. There's even recycling now for those plastic grocery bags, styrofoam meat trays, computer parts and have you seen what happens when you take old cabinets to the recycling center? They ask you if you want the pieces to go to Habitat for Humanity who will either use them or fix them up and sell them.

It's almost surreal, like an alternate universe out there of people committed to creating the smallest amount of landfill garbage possible. [ profile] blackbyrd2 and I recycle 80% of our garbage and compost another 5%, coffe grounds go in the compost, but no meat based anything. An additional 5% we burn out back in the burn box, the content is anything that comes through the mail with our names on it. You know, those offers with account numbers and cards for savings - anything someone might pick out of the trash and use to steal our identity, as well as other paper based material that can't be recycled because it's dirty (pizza boxes). And we burn yard waste, but also drag a fair amount of that off to the recyclers too. It's chipped up and used to supplement supplies for roadside planting maintenance.

So what's in the garbage can? Very little. Mostly the plastics that cannot be recycled. Other gooey stuff that can't be composted. When I'm Queen, and get to design my new kitchen (in our new house, the retirement one), it's going to have a handy little recycling room - part of the Butler's Pantry.

There is no 12-step program for this.

There's been a recurring, albeit short, conversation in our house lately that goes like this:

"I'll be in the bathroom."
"Well you have a wonderful time because it's a beautiful, beautiful room!"
"Yes, yes it is."

And it's done enough for pictures although not completely done. Neither of us is whining about that. We know the eclectic, lived in over time look will come about as we live in there over time.

This is liable to be a long post from where I left off the last time. I want to document completely, but I realize most of you will just cut to the pictures )

I need to update our Excel spreadsheet (I had put my laptop away) to get the final figures, and there were extra purchases as we've gone along this past couple of weeks. I'll most likely indulge myself and post additional pictures at some point.

All in all, we're extremely happy with the room. The shower is roomy, the warming light is wonderful, the tiled floor and mopboard (if you know what a mopboard is you're old like me) is so impressive. I do like the large mirror that allows for beard trimming without standing over a sink. In time the room will adapt to our sense of style.

If you have about 13 large and a head full of ideas, I highly recommend you undertake a similar project.

I have another week at home. I still have tasks that aren't about the bathroom that must be done; the list is growing. The room is coming together so very damn nice.

Funny how many things have changed as we go along with the finishing touches. The discussions have been productive, realistic and make us like this room. There haven't been necessary changes due to budget, more about what looks best to the fella who likes to splurge on his SO. What shows is a great resource for how to go ahead with the rest of the projects we have on the list.

I've teased [ profile] blackbyrd2 about his Asian Zen sense of style; he's allowed me to change my mind (I think the couch would look better over there kind of mind changing). He's also developed good working relationships with a number of construction types. We've gotten estimates on other updates which makes planning projects much easier for me.

We're tired. Mostly I'm tired of having people in the house. Finally, today, Wayne the Tiler finished. He'd come back after several days to give us time to install the new door. He asked to use my pictures in his portfolio.

By weekend, we'll have the backsplash and mirror installed, and I'll be taking pictures. Looking back at my last update I can see where some of you might be anxious. Patience; I've had to be paitent (and tolerant o_O).

While we're at a stand still point for the holiday, thought I'd sneak in a few pictures of the progress.

Tile laying and grouting is finishing in spots so that we can install furniture (having an inside commode was the best Christmas present EVAR!). Wayne the tiler will be back tomorrow to grout an area where the vanity will go, otherwise he'll need a couple of days after that to finish laying the floor accent and mop board and get the rest of the floor grouted.
Some tile is finished grouting and some hardware installed )

The last few days I have found myself a little resentful that what should have been a month off to relax was completely stuffed with everything bathroom. But this project, like any other major project we've done, just takes time to get it right. We're very pleased that we took this on and now have the room we want.

We're very pleased with the tile we chose for the shower and floor. We're not so pleased about the amount of time it's taking to get it installed. The pictures I'm taking and editing don't show it as exacting as how our eyes view it, but they give a good enough portrayal.

The painful, time consuming process of tile installation )
Wayne called this morning to say he was home with an intestinal bug. We wished him well and confirmed that our schedule will now change. The tile won't be complete now till just before Christmas.

Issue Four - The commode wall )

Tiling the room calculates to approximately 46% of the project budget. This price increases with the tile purchased and how many tilers are hired. We now clearly see that it would have benefited us and Wayne had he brought an assistant, or even two.

We'll paint today to keep that from holding us up on the other completion tasks, and will then need to touch up after Wayne finishes. I've noticed he's tile-smudged freshly textured walls already.

The week between Christmas and New Year's we and the call-back plumbers and electrician will install the commode, the shower door and fixture, towel hooks, lights, vanity, backsplash and faucets. The vanity and backsplash will need to go in before we measure for mirrors, so the mirrors will be put up last.

The plush rug runner, new towels, wicker hamper, bamboo window curtain, cherry blossom photograph, bonsai tree picture, brass drum, decorative grass cluster and wind chime will be added during that week too. The wind chime will be strategically placed above the furnace vent so that the forced heat will create that zen sound.

We're planning on getting a Hy-Dit unit and an additional small cabinet to put over the commode. This cabinet might wait till we begin the shelving unit/hallway closet project.

I've yet to decide to hang the asian birdhouse. A few votive candles lit and I'll look forward to a shower or two before I have to leave for work again.

Much has happened in the last 10 days. We're coming along, but I'm getting anxious to get it finished. Work has been calling to make sure I'll be available next month, and with 3 weeks left to my time off, I'd like to at least enjoy the new bathroom for even short while.

The last 10 days. This will be a long post. )

Last night I ordered towels from Pennys. Oddly enough, the best match was a color listed as Night Sky. They should arrive next week.

When asked about tile for the vanity backsplash and taking a floor tile out to the vanity I wasn't pleased. What did please me was the panel of wood BB had salvaged from the old hotel he worked at years ago. When they tore it down he had an opportunity to go in and salvage. A pickup load of items came home including this long beautiful panel. It will now be cut down and trimmed to be our backsplash. I've watched a couple of the shows on constructing with only recycled materials. We're doing our part. And at times like this one, I'm glad he's such a pack rat (okay, I admit, so am I and I have items that will also be used in there).

We're waiting to paint till the drywall repairs dry completely, and thinking about our next big challenge, how to get the 440 lb. vanity from the garage into the bathroom. BB has a friend to help and they'll use their imaginations to come up with a suitable ramp and wheeled dolly to get it in. The vanity is six feet long, the hallway is narrow. At least those pictures won't have sound attached to them.

Things have been accomplished and all the workers went away Friday evening. Saturday morning I convinced [ profile] blackbyrd2 to run away with me to the local Residence Inn for a hot shower. Cleaned up and cashed up we headed out for paint, accessories, floor runner, linens and to look for a small cabinet to put over the commode.

I returned the stone accessories originally bought, but didn't find anything worthy to replace them. Paint was purchased. The man has a good eye for carpeting. We didn't get a bamboo runner, but opted for a more plush rug runner with a great design that hints at asian. I'll have to spend some time searching for these last few things. The man has decided he's too picky with the accessories and is deferring the short list to me.

We're home now; Son_Icran has finished cleaning the brass drum with the dog slobber stains on it and I'm not liking how it's turned out. The other, with it's aged patina and dog slobber stains may just have to be okay. Workers will be here tomorrow.

Holiday cards are in the mail, and I'll be wrapping gifts and making Christmas fudge for packages that will have to mailed out to family by Tuesday. That means photos will have to wait a couple of days till I get to them.

Stay tuned. At least there are no porta-horror stories yet.

While in Alaska over the summer [ profile] blackbyrd2 and I watched a lot of HGTV. Like moths to a flame. I absorb a lot from the home decorating style and landscaping shows.

Before I started picking elements for the update we both went online to the HGTV website and took the little "What's your Style" test. Of course we didn't come close to each other's style (not news since we have to discuss everything forever until we reach a compromise). I have a Classic Traditional sense of style and his is Asian Zen.

I think an Asian Zen bathroom sounds like a great oasis from the rest of our busy little house, so the following elements have been chosen.

The key to an Asian room is to not overwhelm, but provide subtle accents. )

The elements and materials chosen push this room into the 'too nice for the rest of the house' look until we get to future projects. Next and final finishing touches to the bathroom will be the addition of inset shelving placed behind the door, left of the shower enclosure. These shelves will be part of the hallway closet project as the actual shelves will take half of one hall closet. We're okay with this. We plan on turning the remaining one and a half closet spaces into one, bigger hall closet, remove the regular doors (very ugly) and replace with either pocket or accordian doors for a more contemporary hall closet look. All the room doors will be replaced with this project and the bathroom door may include a full length mirror attached to it.

The bathroom shelves/hall closet project is in line right after removal of the nasty, aging carpeting and installation of hard wood floors for the rest of the house. If I have the funds the flooring project will include removal of the awful popcorn ceilings (do we all know what those things look like after 35 years?).

That's all for now. Stay tuned.

It's been requested that I keep a running photojournal of the bathroom update. I did say there would be pictures and now would be a good time to get ahead of the posting. I'll start with a little backgroud on our little hamlet house and move to the bathroom already in progress.

Let's begin. Background and Demo photos here. )

My next post will include what will be done with pictures of the elements that will be used. I'll also go into the projected budget versus the actual budget. Stay tuned.

Finally. There is a man here grunting over putting cloth down to keep from dirtying the carpet with all the debris from the bathroom demo. We anticipate two and a half weeks of work with demo, prep, tiling and new fixture installation. The water gets turned off in half an hour. After today, there will be no way to shower. In a week, there will be no way other fixtures either.

I should mention here that the port-a-pottie will sit in the driveway. I'll add that we're coming into an arctic weather pattern. Oh yeah, this is going to be interesting.

Yesterday, an anti-climatic event took place. We waited till 4:00 p.m. to have UPS deliver the new vanity. It was an exciting moment. The cabinet is gorgeous; the wood dark, the travertine countertop beautiful. The entire vanity was absolutely...not the one we ordered. The driver was patient while phone calls were made, then he loaded it back on his big truck and drove away. New delivery date is four to five days out.

It's a good thing I wasn't waiting on it to match hardware, accessories and paint...good thing eh? We've decided to go with brushed nickel and have found the faucets for the sink vessels. [ profile] blackbyrd2 will be finding his perfect shower fixture and the shower door and tile will be picked up today. The wall sconce ordered on a 'we'll see if we really like it' basis should also be in today. People have been hired and a schedule has shaped up. Wayne the tile guy will be here this evening, but I think just to talk about the designs we want in the floor and shower tile.

We're in it. There will be pictures.

[ profile] blackbyrd2 and I always spend an inordinate amount of time talking and planning out our home improvements. Sometimes we take longer than the intended duration of the room. This is our bathroom. It's been several years since I started mentioning that the room was in need of some updating. Finally, we're getting to it.

There's too much to talk about. Our biggest debate so far has been what to update to make the house re-sellable. After months we've concluded that in the amount of time we'll remain in our little house, we'd have to update again before re-sell, so why not put in what we want. Now we're making progress.

As the discussions evolved to embrace our odd sense of style, we've finally decided we like rich, dark colors. So if the vanity is a very deep red wine color and the countertop is a dark jade, it would make us feel very comfortable. If the bathtub unit is ripped out and replaced with only a shower, it would make us feel very comfortable. If the vinyl was ripped up and stone tile put down, you know how we'd feel.

It's the big things like flooring tile vs. manufactured, custom built or stock, can lighting or sconces and probably both, schematics of plubming and electrical, dimensions of built in shelving, and all of it in a swirl of what colors and textures will be used.

It's the little things. It's making an ecletic style look acquired over time rather than store-bought in one package with some assembly required. It's new lighting shining pleasntly down on dark wood and glass and brushed nickel. We must achieve functional Zen and aesthetic Nirvana. Our Feng must Shui.

I need to want to go in there again. I haven't wanted to do that for months.

And, of course, I want it all to be done by the time I'm back from my three week stint in Washington (yearight, like that's going to happen). It will happen though and I can't wait to put up some of my best photographs and light the candles and incense.

It will most likely be the best Christmas present we've ever given ourselves.



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