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When Samantha Bee interviewed her back in October she pretty much nailed it about how men would behave in the wake of the bashing women received by the Orange Dictator. The segment showing her interview starts about 1:30 min in.

So I'm scrolling around Yahoo and I see this article on how the 19-year-old, new to Hollywood actress did not give consent when the sexual assault scene was changed because the director wanted her to react as a girl.

Comments Section:

Old Lion - She didn't object to picking up her paycheck did she?

Silly Girl - Do you all realize that by writing this article you now opened the door for everyone to WANT TO WATCH more now then ever? How does this article help anybody today? Stop digging up old dirt - we lived a different life back then - we did things that were just as stupid as the things we do today - She was 19 - no education - taken advantage of - You don't think that happens today, please.

Paul - She said it wasn't real but it upset her anyway. Is anything in Hollywood real?

Kylie Samson - Why did she still accept the paycheck? Everyone in Hollywood is sheep 🐑
Marlon Brando is phenomenal man Who is a philanthropist. I feel more sorry for his children than this bitch who's trying to get fame

Sean - Imagine how that stick of butter felt about it... Walking in, he thought he was a extra on a cooking show.. next thing ya know....

Makalani - She survived intact -- got paid! She was lucky that Cosby was not in the movie with his stash of quaaludes! Donnie T was not in the movie to grab her by the _ _ _ _ _ or that Roman Polanski wasn't doing the scene. He would not have been pretending!

mad dog - Holier than thou posts. Get that righteous indignation pumped up and roaring.

kwade - So what? The movie was good before they knew this? Hollywood hypocrisy.

So there it is, he's screeched his permission for 18 months and both men and women now feel free to joke about it, ridicule it (she got paid didn't she), and call her a bitch.

And what happened in 1972? Nothing. But what happens in 2016 is squarely on the shoulders of the Orange Dictator.

Date: 2016-12-04 01:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Did anybody at all say that the movie in question was indeed somewhat horrid?

I do feel sorry for Maria, for having to go through these fantasies of fat old men in person.
For all the millions who seem to have tremendously enjoyed them on the screen - same slight bewilderment and slightly stronger disdain as back then when it came out :-p.

Bertolucci overrated? You bet. And a perfect asshole, as well.

Date: 2016-12-04 06:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't recall seeing anyone who commented that it was a horrid movie, but it's still up there's probably a bunch more comments by now. I'd never seen it and probably won't.

This reasoning - there was bread and butter on the table and we knew what we wanted to do! And what's not said is that they both were probably high on coke and whiskey at the time of their creative epiphany.

That should be on his resume: Film Director, Perfect Asshole



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