Jun. 17th, 2016

This article from Al Jazeera says Trump is in trouble for wanting to meet with the NRA on gun control.

Trevor Noah spotlights Trump's relationship with the NRA (an interesting 9 minutes).

So while people are focused on their guns I don't think they're seeing what's really going on. And Trump is so simple minded he must emulate Wayne LaPierre, practically parroting him last Friday. But to what extent? Trevor Noah explains how the NRA changed overnight from a gun safety organization to a gun rights activist organization brought about by LaPierre, who is now in a very powerful lobbying position in DC.

Makes me wonder if Trump intended the same kind of coup on the Republican Party. Is he attempting to turn the Republican Party into the Wealth & Power Party? If he's elected we're in for a very rude awakening, mostly about the sheer number of malleable minds who thinks he actually cares about any human other than himself. It's these same malleable minds that will continue to believe he's doing good things when really he's only about Wealth and Power and sees a US Presidency as a stepping stone to global power and control.



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