Mar. 27th, 2016

Awhile back I splurged on several cheap movies. So far I've like the ones I've watched, so much I'd recommend them for your viewing pleasure.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I'd heard good things about but I didn't realize the cast was this great group of seasoned veteran British actors. The acting is, of course, impeccable. There's one short scene between Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and a red phone that I laughed hardest at. It's not all laughs, but there's plenty amid the poignant stories of each of these elderly retirees. And yes, Dev Patel, who nailed Slumdog Millionaire, is turning into a seasoned actor at a very young age. I understand there's a sequel that I'll certainly watch.

I admit it, I'm a Bradley Cooper fan, and I really like Emma Stone. Aloha, for being a chick flick moved along fairly well, no long draggy bits, the love stories were mature and engaging. John Kransinski looks really good in a flight suit, I'd never seen him so buff. Stone's role is all nervous energy, but she grows on you as the plot moves along. The only disappointment is that when Bradley Cooper plays the role of damaged guy, it's harder to see why women fall in love with him other than his handsome face and blue eyes. There's more to the entertainment than is obvious though and it has to do with people telling the story of how they're connected to the land, its history and myth, and there's very much of it with native Hawaiians.

Enjoyed both very much and would recommend them for a night of staying in out of the cold and nasty weather, a hot cup of something, and the opportunity to watch a movie without interruption and talking.

I also got Lucy and The Skeleton Twins. I'll let you know.



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