Nov. 9th, 2011 02:29 pm

BYE-BYE! I go be with my new momma on Sunday!

A Willamette U student answered the ad within 10 minutes. After speaking with her she's ready to pick him up on Sunday. That'll give me enough time to get his second de-worming med down him and put the anti-flea gick on him. He's traveling with food, litter and box, and TOYS!

(Now, about that Mom and her Other baby...I saw his sister or brother yesterday hanging out in the front flower bed. Mom wasn't around, but I also saw the Dad in the back yard two days ago. I can tell I'm going to have to live-trap the feral ones so this scenerio won't keep repeating itself...pff)

He's growing like a weed. Don't believe me?

More this way... )

I stepped on him again tonight but I don't think it fazed him a bit. He's not only on solid food, but dry food. Tomorrow I get done with the storage boxes in the living room in order to remove hidey places so I can get his litter box habits under control. He's so ready to go be such a neat cat for someone, the little turd.

Couple more here at the gallery.

Never, under any circumstances, put wet cat food in the microwave to warm it up!

Not even for 15 seconds!


Oct. 21st, 2011 08:06 pm

I'm turning into the crazy cat lady at the end of the street! To be honest, he's kind of tied me to the house a bit and I'm getting a little cabin fever. So of course I took more pictures. Because he's doubled in size and started lapping his own formula! Now maybe my fingers will heal from the scratches of his overzealous attack on the syringe I was using.

At least it looks to me like he's doubled in size.

It's nice that he's growing up. )The rest of the 5 and a half weeks gallery is here. He hasn't had the bestest Momma, but he's growing up in spite of me anyway.

I'd forgotten how tiring it was to take care of babies. This little critter has worn me out today. I let him wear himself out, then filled his tummy, rinsed the piggy eater off with warm water, towel dried him, fluffed him with the blowdryer (yes, on low), and now he's out like a light.

[livejournal.com profile] nolawitch requested pictures, so here's little blue eyes ) After re-reading the panel on the baby kitty formula I discover that in 4 weeks he'll need a phase 2 formula until he can lap it up by himself. Crap! He either needs to grow up pretty fast or I need to find someone who will finish weaning him.

Yes. I'm already considering keeping him which means taking him to work with me...pff



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