My appointment yesterday was set up for 2:30 so at about noon, I baited the trap with tuna and set it out. I had both kittens in the house and at about 1:00 I put some tuna in the carrier, and then wound up just stuffing them into it. I put them in the back of the pickup (canopy).

And waited. When I had to leave, Mom Cat had not taken the bait, so I left with the kittens to make my appointment.

When I got there I went to the desk and said I had a 2:30 and only had two of the three. I was told that was impossible since there's no appointments before 3:00 and 2:30 is when all the staff is at lunch. She pretty much acted as though I was lying to her and didn't honor my appointment time, but said I was on the waiting list and first. A little after three I turned Smokey and CeeCee over to them. I felt bad that I'd put tuna in the carrier as Smokey ate some and then got sick on the ride into town. I put flyers with their resumes (yep, you have to fill out resumes for each cat) asking potential parents to take them both as they were bonded and best friends - yep, pictures of them together on the flyers. I felt a sense of loss, but I know even if they're separated it will be better than starving in my back yard, and rampant feral litters.

I figured once I got home I'd find Mom Cat in the trap, but no, she wasn't trapped. And, the tuna in the trap was gone. She managed to get into the trap, eat the tuna and get back out wihout tripping the gate.

I was rather impressed with that, it even made me smile and chuckle a bit. I've fed her today and will keep trying to catch her, but only to get her spayed and turn her back out.

It bothers me that once I've left the house to work she'll now have no food or fresh water. If I could have domesticated the little ones without having her involved it would have been better for her, and now she's going to have the stress of trying to find food and water. She will have this problem if I catch/spay her or not.

She looks very healthy right now. I know this is going to wear on my mind after I get back to work.

I'm procrastinating on catching cats. I know I need to, and should, but I'm using the excuse that's it too nasty rainy, windy, stormy outside to attempt it just yet (and I like their company). Nea will laugh at me since I'm now 0 for 3 at gender guessing. Smokie climbed up on the end table, stuck her butt in my face and .... REALLY? Are those what I think they are? Well fine then, your name suits you better as a little boy's name anyway!

The kids come in all the time now and either play with the toys, chase each other down the hallway, or now even come get up on the couches with me. They've figured out the soft, warm places to hang out )

I'm going to have to try to get them adopted together. Separately will be hard on them. Imagine if their brother Cochise was part of the group!

They are entertaining as all get out although they do spend hours napping on the chairs under the table. Momma cat just sits and stares in the patio door to keep an eye on things.

The rest of the gallery is here


Dec. 20th, 2011 10:18 pm

Somewhat feral, but warming up (literally) to the idea of domestication. )

Before Mom came to the door to get them, I told them both they were welcome to stay inside all the time. I'm looking forward to next week. L is looking forward to seeing them play, now she can watch them do that inside.

I think I might be overfeeding them just a bit. Although they've grown very thick fur for winter. But I can still see a little chubby in those faces...hmmmm

Momma, soon your girls will move out so you'll have room for more )
Now I don't even want to look her in the eye - I feel like such a GIANT NOOB!

I still have cats! The live trap arrived last Wednesday and I broke open the box over the weekend.

WHY?! WHY!? Why can't they see that their shitty little instruction booklet is so poor there's no way to tell how the hell to put the thing together! Tiny black and white pictures have NEVER reproduced well on a copier, yet here they go just sending them out like they had good sense. It seems like the cat universe is against me!

Looking online now for better instructions and can call a couple of people who may ba able to talk me through it over the phone. In the meantime, I need to stop and get more cat food, the little devils aren't going hungry that's for certain.

And, they're so freaking cute playing together out there. Smokie's tail is particularly interesting to Cee-Cee. Smokie also sits up on her hind legs to see things - so adorable. They run at each other and in the process smack their heads on wood table legs and such - if you or I took a hit that hard it would knock us out cold. Meh... it's just your head, now jump up and get your sister! 8D

Yep, I'm putting off going out today. I have to, I know that. I need to get a Western Union transfer done and buy more cat food. Which, by the way, my evil plan is working well.

The stray kittens are becoming used to me. The food and water I've been giving them and hanging out near them has allowed them both the courage to come clear in the house. Both were in the dining room last night. I coaxed them in while Momma was away. They were uber-curious and startled at many new things to see, hear and smell. Cee-Cee (for calico cat - yes, I know she's not really a calico) is the bravest. She likes it in the warm and is curious to explore. Smokie would rather hang back, but she came in only following her sister. When Momma showed up she could see both of them inside. I casually let them back out and both ran and cuddled her as if to apologize for ever thinking of abandoning her. She though was looking at me as if to say, "Seriously? You're going to take them off my hands?". Soon Momma, soon.

And my plan for Momma is to wait till my live trap arrives (found one at an incredibly reasonable price and ordered online) and then bait it with her favorite - Tuna. She has been oggling at the patio door for ages because she wants more tuna and I'm holding out till I can use it to catch her. Once she's caught the kittens will be easy to collect. And if I can't catch her, the kittens will still be easy to collect.

Muwahahahahaha - stay tuned. I'm sure the evil plan will come to fruition complete with much hissing, spitting, growling and scratching.
Purely unintentional I'm sure, but I thought it was sweet. I've been giving the strays food in an attempt to get closer to them. Momma cat knelt near the food dish and I extended my hand close to her thinking she might let me give her a pet on the head. She whacked my hand away fast!

A friend is going to loan me two live traps. I expect my plan to go smoothly...~eyeroll

Anyway, watching them eat made realize they needed fresh water too so I put some out. When I stepped out later to pick up the dishes, this is what I saw. Awwwwwww...

The neighbor boy had brought me roses from his yard way back in July. The vase had a fern branch in it and within a few days all the spores opened up and covered my paperwork with orange dust so I picked up the vase and set everything out on the back steps where they've been since. The kittens must have been playing with the dead flowers and drug one over to the water bowl.

It was just a little surprising to see it there in the water. Made me smile.

Cat Family

Nov. 25th, 2011 03:24 pm

When the rain and wind started several days ago, Momma Stray moved her kids from the front bed. I suspected she'd taken them somewhere more protected. I bought some kitten chow at the store on Wednesday hoping she'd bring them back after the storm. It sunshined today. No cats in the front bed.

But this afternoon I stepped out back with the camera and noticed movement. She had found a nice protected place where I'm storing an old table, the wheelbarrow, and the fire pit pan. Those three things are set up to block most of the wind and rain. I went inside and put some food in a dish, brought it out and then waited inside behind the glass door. Very soon Kitties erupted from their hidey place ) I brought the dish in so it won't attract other critters. I have a hunch the kittens faces will appear at the glass door when they get hungry again.

I've got to get them trapped. Sitting here shaking my head at the price of the traps. First I think I'll find out if anyone in the area has a live trap to rent before I buy. And I think I can get Momma spayed and turn her back out if she won't be domesticated. Have no idea if the little ones can be domesticated now or not.



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