Happy 4TH!

Jul. 2nd, 2016 10:51 am
This is the weekend of our independence from mother Britain and I can't help but feel there's a large number of people who wish we could go home again. Mother? We tried the whole democratic melting pot thing and now look at who wants to lead us! Please can we come back home, we'll behave now, promise! Here's your tea back.

Anyway, lots of fireworks on ground dry from days of heat and wind. It's the new sound of independence, the loud bang of an illegal firework followed by the siren of a fire truck. Ah, it's great to be an American!

Happy 4th Everyone!
Mike lent me DeadPool and it had me from the opening credits. Ryan Reynolds couldn't have been a better choice for the role of 'God's Perfect Idiot', the funny out of his mouth is non-stop. Finally, Morena Baccarin, which I haven't seen since Serenity and looking fantastic of course.

Best of all? The ending credits and this song (which I can't resist dancing to):

This article from Al Jazeera says Trump is in trouble for wanting to meet with the NRA on gun control.

Trevor Noah spotlights Trump's relationship with the NRA (an interesting 9 minutes).

So while people are focused on their guns I don't think they're seeing what's really going on. And Trump is so simple minded he must emulate Wayne LaPierre, practically parroting him last Friday. But to what extent? Trevor Noah explains how the NRA changed overnight from a gun safety organization to a gun rights activist organization brought about by LaPierre, who is now in a very powerful lobbying position in DC.

Makes me wonder if Trump intended the same kind of coup on the Republican Party. Is he attempting to turn the Republican Party into the Wealth & Power Party? If he's elected we're in for a very rude awakening, mostly about the sheer number of malleable minds who thinks he actually cares about any human other than himself. It's these same malleable minds that will continue to believe he's doing good things when really he's only about Wealth and Power and sees a US Presidency as a stepping stone to global power and control.


May. 27th, 2016 09:05 pm
More things have bloomed. )

Among that awful rock back there is so much wild ground cover, ferns, iris, things that thrive in the wet. The Love In A Mist even bloomed in spots after cousin scrubbed it out last summer. I'll transplant the daffodils, calla lilies, those purple things the deer won't leave alone, and the fuchsia tree (if it's still alive), but the rest is staying and I'll add to it. I would love to see cattails in the fall.
The world is a crazy place right now. When the most distinguished environmental spokesman gives us a signal, well, it's all the endorsement I need.

Bernie and Bird.jpg
6 Years of choir, never learned to read a note of music, it was all by ear. We didn't stray far from choir music, never anything like what's currently popular at the movie theater.

I cannot help myself when it comes to Pitch Perfect. I don't care when it's on or that I've seen it half a dozen times, I still watch it every time. Cute story and great mashed up music.

I listened to Rachael Maddow's show this evening. She indicates that through all the media hype surrounding Trump, all the scrambling by the GOP to first attempt to put him out of the running and now who endorse him, that for all the circus going on Republican voters prefer him by 84%.

Apparently it's only the Beltway Dwellers that understand the damage such a person could create for government and our country as a whole. However, and now, the only way to save themselves is to affiliate and they do so with the belief that it's better to keep their enemy closer.

For me, it's not about the voter, me, my neighbors, the American People. Every single person is allowed to vote for exactly who they choose.

It's more about the circus. Forget the media, they're playing their own game which revolves around money and only money. What I take complete umbrage at is the game played by politicians whereby the game is more important than the American People.

It's the game of politicians that allow for the lies, the media pandering, the lies, the flip-flopping, the lies, the personal attacks, the lies, the undermining of the process, the lies, the amount of corruption and law breaking, AND, the lies.

I suspect I'm not alone. I suspect the current behavior of politicians will be our utter downfall. Those in government view their jobs as more a reality show role where the producer incites drama, and immature behavior.

I've never seen how moving our country forward should be considered a game that all politicians are so damn anxious to play.
I've been trying to be okay with it. Apparently the British use it all the time and thanks to the Internet it pops up everywhere and is now spoken by a huge number of people. Instead of simply accepting it I find my sphincter muscle tighten every time I read or hear it. In other words, it makes my ass twitch.

How could this happen? No, not my wincing sphincter, but the wide misuse of the word MYSELF.

WRONG: Give it to either Tom or myself.
RIGHT: Give it to either Tom or me.

WRONG: It was 10 minutes later when Joe and myself gained entry to the suspect's home.
RIGHT: It was 10 minutes later when Joe and I gained entry to the suspect's home.

Judgy McJudgerton that I am, EVERY time I read or hear this misuse, my brain automatically decides the person misusing the word is stupid.

Like I need another reason to feel many people are stupid!
They're so smart. We have no way, or no inclination to understand them. But they understand that when a human is in the water, we can help them. After all, it's our traps that harm them in the first place. Fortunately they don't seem to hold a grudge.

My planter boxes are to be delivered today and it's the nastiest storm of Spring! Haven't heard any thunder yet, but that's in the forecast.

What all this wet means is that it will take a little longer to let the boxes dry out before I can weather proof them.

Oh, the irony!
This little mound of clover-like plant looks funny while it crowds and pushes everything in its way.

It will eventually bloom those little pink flowers. And I suppose it will just grow into a bigger and bigger mound.
...this is getting tiring now. The old fat white guys just can't seem to see forward. It's always going to be about minorities, guns, and vaginas. We know it's really about power and control over the world; they're not all that good and hiding the money trail.

Just exactly how many revolutions would they like?
Just as [livejournal.com profile] spiffikins said, "I found it enjoyable for what it was...". From watching Lucy trailers when it came out, I thought there would be more action, but no. It's more like a science fiction biography akin to what I saw with Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. It was interesting but failed right away when Morgan Freeman spouts the very discredited "we only use 10% of our brains". You really can't build a premise on such a widely disclaimed statistic. I'll probably watch it again because Scarlett does such a good job.

I have nothing but admiration for Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader, who because they worked together for so long on SNL, are like siblings in real life. It carries over to The Skeleton Twins really well. I've heard before that tragedy plus time equals comedy and most comedians do create comedy from bad experience in their past or present. These 2 as brother and sister are the most suitable people for each other and reaching that conclusion is heartbreaking through their lifetime of depression. Here's a solid spoiler: if you're prone to bouts of depression, watching it for a couple hours has a tendency to bring you down. But yes, I'll most likely watch it again.

I've always said if I could get paid to watch movies I'd be a millionaire. Someone point me to THAT person, would ya?
Awhile back I splurged on several cheap movies. So far I've like the ones I've watched, so much I'd recommend them for your viewing pleasure.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I'd heard good things about but I didn't realize the cast was this great group of seasoned veteran British actors. The acting is, of course, impeccable. There's one short scene between Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and a red phone that I laughed hardest at. It's not all laughs, but there's plenty amid the poignant stories of each of these elderly retirees. And yes, Dev Patel, who nailed Slumdog Millionaire, is turning into a seasoned actor at a very young age. I understand there's a sequel that I'll certainly watch.

I admit it, I'm a Bradley Cooper fan, and I really like Emma Stone. Aloha, for being a chick flick moved along fairly well, no long draggy bits, the love stories were mature and engaging. John Kransinski looks really good in a flight suit, I'd never seen him so buff. Stone's role is all nervous energy, but she grows on you as the plot moves along. The only disappointment is that when Bradley Cooper plays the role of damaged guy, it's harder to see why women fall in love with him other than his handsome face and blue eyes. There's more to the entertainment than is obvious though and it has to do with people telling the story of how they're connected to the land, its history and myth, and there's very much of it with native Hawaiians.

Enjoyed both very much and would recommend them for a night of staying in out of the cold and nasty weather, a hot cup of something, and the opportunity to watch a movie without interruption and talking.

I also got Lucy and The Skeleton Twins. I'll let you know.
She's back. I knew she would be, she's been hiding out there periodically for weeks now. And now I can finally see just how heavy she is with babies.

Pretty sure this is a momma deer I've been talking to since she had spots. I can step out on the deck and she looks up at me with no fear. I sit for a short bit then go back in and she never quivers or alerts to me as being a danger.

This quiet understanding that she's safe in my yard makes me feel proud that while I don't intrude into her world she's comfortable in mine. And safe.

She's so heavy and I think it would be an honor if she gave birth to her twins right there in the soft grass. I don't know if she will, but I'd love to step out and see her with her newborns. More little ones that I can talk to.

Other Pics

Mar. 24th, 2016 11:53 am
When you're a picture taker you take advantage of all the unusual things you see.
So there's a couple pics under here. )


Mar. 17th, 2016 07:26 pm

So when I saw where they were coming out, I ran a bead of dishsoap along the counter and stopped them...for awhile. I will not tolerate this! ORKIN!!



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