Oct. 21st, 2016

I've just read that it appears east coast social media is down. All of it. I can't help but think it has been done purposefully.

Could be payback for shutting down Assange's access, or, could be those who own and operate social media have decided that for just a period of time (unknown) we all need to back off on all the hate mongering and division surrounding this abortion of an election.

I know I'm ready for a break. But when I perused this morning and after reading that the clear message is that the Great Trumpkin can rot in the vegetable patch, all but 1 or 2 comments are from the Marching Morons who aren't happy. They seem very volatile right now (as if they weren't before).

I don't think it would help to tell them that perhaps now they can understand how more than half the country felt when Bush bought his second term was reelected. But maybe it would help if we told them that afterwards their orange god will start his own TV channel, or online channel, or maybe just put on one those One Man Band costumes and slither around NYC. Who knows?



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